Beamcaster™, powered by RiT Wireless Division, delivers ultra-flexible, high-performance networking – a fast-ROI indoor wireless optical solution that makes wireless networking practical for the most demanding corporate environments.


Beamcaster combines Wi-Fi’s ease of use with all the strengths of cabling:


  • Ultra-high bandwidth that can be shared by up to eight smart outlets, each receiving the maximum GB allocated and available at any point in time.
  • Ultra-high security: Beamcaster uses 100% unhackable physical links and reinforces security via hard connections between smart outlets and computers.
  • Rapid deployment: Since the Beamcaster runs over existing power trays, it has a very short installation cycle. Its lightweight optical distributor (ODU) attaches via a single link to the main switch, and the system’s smart outlets are designed for the quick and flexible deployment of multiple users.
  • Eco-friendly: Beamcaster delivers significant long- and short-term savings because it slashes the need for new in-wall cabling installation and reduces the number of switches required while lowering power consumption.
  • Lowest maintenance costs: As an intelligent non-patching solution, the Beamcaster allows all moves, adds and changes (MACs) to be performed remotely via a management system. When you move, your infrastructure investment moves with you, converting your Capex initial investment into Opex.
  • Highest flexibility: A modular and scalable system, the Beamcaster grows as your business needs do. Beamcaster allows you to move employees without altering the infrastructure.
  • Alternative network infrastructure: Beamcaster is an immediate, cost-effective way to create a security- and continuity-enhancing backup network to hardwire network infrastructure.


Openspace with beamcaster


Beamcaster attaches to the horizontal communications cable, supporting the required bandwidth across up to eight smart outlets covering an area similar to high-end Wi-Fi. Beamcaster is ideal in any open-plan environment, especially where user demands have exceeded existing infrastructure, such as R&D facilities, educational facilities, medical centers, government organizations, finance institutions, and design and development centers. Node access is individually assigned, providing an ideal solution for high security, mission-critical environments like financial institutions and military facilities.


Beamcaster supports the full range of networking topologies and conforms to the most rigorous safety legislations. It gives the IT manager superior flexibility in installation planning and better ongoing control.